Album, Tour….and some fun with the Wooka’s…

As a Female Singer/songwriter and single mum based in Northern Irealnd, life is rarely dull.  A bit surreal at times, maybe…but I like that. I love that one minute I am lost in a world of creative bliss wondering where are these words coming from….and the next I am galdering a chorus of “get your shoes please, get your shoesp please, get your shoes, GET YOUR SHOES!”

The reason for writing this blog is I suppose is to document my recent return to all things music because I have been away for quite a while, what with having a wee’un and all. I am enjoying it so much I thought I’d share……

In September last year I went into a studio and like a woman possessed, recorded eleven songs in one go. As is usual for me, I thought, “job done” and put my feet up and enjoyed Christmas. However since 2013 started my feet have hit the ground running, and I have realised the “job” has only begun….here’s why…..

I asked about to see if anyone knew of a cellist to play on my songs and I was so happy to be put in touch with Emma….she is a great cellist and we do a lot of laughing during practice. We have pondered whether the likes of Mumford and Sons or Rhianna for example grunt out of tune ideas in the form of “meh, meh, meh” as I do, or whether they have what I have termed “a bit of the Les Dawson’s about you” as Emma (very rarely) does….we play some music too…..

It’s an exciting process and I am loving every minute of it….I also now want a cello, so if you are reading this Santa….

This is how it's done

This is how it’s done

I want one!

As well as my own projects I have been doing a bit of singing with local female led, bluegrass influenced band, Wookalily.  Last January they were  between singers so I filled in for a bit and we all travelled to Shannonside Winter Music Festival in Clare.  My son who was three at the time joined us and is still considered an honorary member…..the reason I mention this is because over the weekend I joined Wookalily and Friends as one of the Friends (I hope, I’m only assuming!).  We played in the John Hewitt, Belfast as part of the Belnash Festival and had a great time.  I will be recording with them later in the year as will all the “Friends” as they embark on their album…

Wookalily and Friends

Wookalily and Friends

Singing with Wookalily means I can put my guitar down, belt out a song and maybe even dance about a bit….seriously, it has been done…Adele is a talented songwriter, and I am sure I have seen smoke coming from the bands instruments…

This is how all the pro's remember their words, honestly...

This is how all the pro’s remember their words, honestly…


So, anyway,  the plan is that I will have my album finished for the Summer and I intend to embark on a House Concert Tour around Ireland.  I think this will be a lovely way to tour the album because I enjoy the intimate nature of a house show, it allows for interaction which I love, and it will suit the songs. So if you, or anyone you know, would be interested in hosting a house concert please get in touch and I can give you more details….there are so many ways to get in touch it’s not funny…..

Good “old-fashioned” email –




Thanks for reading….


About Nina Armstrong

“Feisty singer-songwriter” – Jackie Hayden (Hotpress Magazine) “You are an inspiration – keep shining” – Liam Ó Maonlaí With lyrics which are honest and emotive and a voice which is clear and at times hypnotic, Nina Armstrong is a delightfully unique artist. In her mid-twenties Nina decided to follow a long standing dream of writing and performing her own songs.She decided to learn to play guitar to enable her to develop her songwriting skills and perform live. Within two years Nina had a string of live performances, on stage and on radio, throughout Ireland. She had also recorded a four track EP and had shared the stage with artists such as Liam O’Manolai (Hot House Flowers), John Spillane and Jenny Lindfors. Some other highlights in her career include playing Glasgowbury Music Festival (Draperstown), The Ruby Sessions (Dublin) and Indie Summer Festival (Carrick-on-Shannon). Nina also performed vocals for MTV EMA winner, Tyrone Relph on his album “Princely Ransoms from a Paupers Address”. Her vocal style and lyrical content have been likened to that of Suzanne Vega and Joni Mitchell, however, anyone who hears her music will have difficulty finding a box to put it into. Nina lives in County Armagh, Northern Ireland.
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